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AXN Today's TV Schedule

Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
1Top Gear11:47:00 - 12:38:00Technology51 minute(s)
2Total Wipeout UK12:38:00 - 01:37:00Game Show59 minute(s)
3Sex And The City01:37:00 - 02:05:00Drama28 minute(s)
4Sex And The City02:05:00 - 02:31:00Drama26 minute(s)
5The Amazing Race02:31:00 - 03:14:00Reality Show43 minute(s)
6Breaking Bad03:14:00 - 03:59:00Crime45 minute(s)
7Sex And The City03:59:00 - 04:26:00Drama27 minute(s)
8Sex And The City04:26:00 - 04:52:00Drama26 minute(s)
9Total Wipeout UK04:52:00 - 06:00:00Game Show68 minute(s)
10Britain's Next Top Model06:00:00 - 06:44:00Reality Show44 minute(s)
11The Amazing Race06:44:00 - 07:27:00Reality Show43 minute(s)
12Total Wipeout UK07:27:00 - 08:26:00Game Show59 minute(s)
13American Ninja Warrior08:26:00 - 09:14:00Game Show48 minute(s)
14American Ninja Warrior09:14:00 - 10:01:00Game Show47 minute(s)
15Total Wipeout UK10:01:00 - 11:06:00Game Show65 minute(s)
16Britain's Next Top Model11:06:00 - 11:56:00Reality Show50 minute(s)
17Ocean's Twelve11:56:00 - 02:05:00Crime129 minute(s)
18MacGyver02:05:00 - 02:52:00Action47 minute(s)
19American Ninja Warrior02:52:00 - 03:40:00Game Show48 minute(s)
20Top Gear03:40:00 - 04:41:00Technology61 minute(s)
21The Amazing Race04:41:00 - 05:33:00Reality Show52 minute(s)
22Total Wipeout UK05:33:00 - 06:43:00Game Show70 minute(s)
23Britain's Next Top Model06:43:00 - 07:40:00Reality Show57 minute(s)
24Top Gear07:40:00 - 08:58:00Technology78 minute(s)
25The Amazing Race08:58:00 - 09:56:00Reality Show58 minute(s)
26NCIS: Los Angeles09:56:00 - 10:55:00Detective59 minute(s)
27Breaking Bad10:55:00 - 11:49:00Crime54 minute(s)
28Top Gear11:49:00 - 12:52:00Technology63 minute(s)