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Disney Channel Today's TV Schedule

Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
1Wander Over Yonder11:45:00 - 12:06:00Animation21 minute(s)
2Wander Over Yonder12:06:00 - 12:27:00Animation21 minute(s)
3Phineas And Ferb12:27:00 - 12:48:00Animation21 minute(s)
4Phineas And Ferb12:48:00 - 01:08:00Animation20 minute(s)
5Tangled: The Series01:08:00 - 01:30:00Animation22 minute(s)
6Tangled: The Series01:30:00 - 01:51:00Animation21 minute(s)
7Disney's Lion Guard01:51:00 - 02:12:00Animation21 minute(s)
8Disney's Lion Guard02:12:00 - 02:32:00Animation20 minute(s)
9Phineas And Ferb02:32:00 - 02:53:00Animation21 minute(s)
10Phineas And Ferb02:53:00 - 03:13:00Animation20 minute(s)
11Phineas And Ferb03:13:00 - 03:34:00Animation21 minute(s)
12Milo Murphy's Law03:34:00 - 03:55:00Animation21 minute(s)
13Milo Murphy's Law03:55:00 - 04:15:00Animation20 minute(s)
14Star vs The Forces Of Evil04:15:00 - 04:36:00Animation21 minute(s)
15Star vs The Forces Of Evil04:36:00 - 04:55:00Animation19 minute(s)
16Disney's Lion Guard04:55:00 - 05:16:00Animation21 minute(s)
17Disney's Lion Guard05:16:00 - 05:37:00Animation21 minute(s)
18My Friends Tigger & Pooh05:37:00 - 06:00:00Animation23 minute(s)
19Doraemon06:00:00 - 06:22:00Animation22 minute(s)
20Doraemon06:22:00 - 06:56:00Animation34 minute(s)
21Sofia The First06:56:00 - 07:32:00Animation36 minute(s)
22Mickey Mouse Clubhouse07:32:00 - 07:55:00Education (Kids)23 minute(s)
23Simple Samosa07:55:00 - 08:06:00Animation11 minute(s)
24Simple Samosa08:06:00 - 08:25:00Animation19 minute(s)
25Simple Samosa08:25:00 - 08:36:00Animation11 minute(s)
26Simple Samosa08:36:00 - 08:53:00Animation17 minute(s)
27Doraemon08:53:00 - 09:23:00Animation30 minute(s)
28Simple Samosa09:23:00 - 09:33:00Animation10 minute(s)
29Simple Samosa09:33:00 - 09:51:00Animation18 minute(s)
30Simple Samosa09:51:00 - 10:01:00Animation10 minute(s)
31Simple Samosa10:01:00 - 10:20:00Animation19 minute(s)
32Doraemon10:20:00 - 10:49:00Animation29 minute(s)
33Mickey Mouse Shorts10:49:00 - 10:53:00Animation4 minute(s)
34Doraemon10:53:00 - 11:14:00Animation21 minute(s)
35Doraemon11:14:00 - 11:25:00Animation11 minute(s)
36Art Attack11:25:00 - 12:01:00Education (Kids)36 minute(s)
37Doraemon12:01:00 - 12:29:00Animation28 minute(s)
38Simple Samosa12:29:00 - 12:40:00Animation11 minute(s)
39Simple Samosa12:40:00 - 12:58:00Animation18 minute(s)
40Doraemon12:58:00 - 01:34:00Animation36 minute(s)
41Doraemon01:34:00 - 01:54:00Animation20 minute(s)
42Doraemon01:54:00 - 02:14:00Animation20 minute(s)
43Doraemon02:14:00 - 02:25:00Animation11 minute(s)
44Doraemon02:25:00 - 03:00:00Animation35 minute(s)
45Doraemon03:00:00 - 03:35:00Animation35 minute(s)
46Doraemon03:35:00 - 03:48:00Animation13 minute(s)
47Doraemon03:48:00 - 04:09:00Animation21 minute(s)
48Doraemon04:09:00 - 04:30:00Animation21 minute(s)
49Doraemon04:30:00 - 05:03:00Animation33 minute(s)
50Doraemon05:03:00 - 05:38:00Animation35 minute(s)
51Doraemon05:38:00 - 05:59:00Animation21 minute(s)
52Mickey Mouse Shorts05:59:00 - 06:02:00Animation3 minute(s)
53Doraemon06:02:00 - 06:25:00Animation23 minute(s)
54Mickey And The Roadster Racers06:25:00 - 07:00:00Animation35 minute(s)
55Simple Samosa07:00:00 - 07:10:00Animation10 minute(s)
56Simple Samosa07:10:00 - 07:27:00Animation17 minute(s)
57Simple Samosa07:27:00 - 07:38:00Animation11 minute(s)
58Simple Samosa07:38:00 - 07:55:00Animation17 minute(s)
59Doraemon07:55:00 - 08:16:00Animation21 minute(s)
60Doraemon08:16:00 - 08:25:00Animation9 minute(s)
61Simple Samosa08:25:00 - 08:35:00Animation10 minute(s)
62Simple Samosa08:35:00 - 09:00:00Animation25 minute(s)
63Doraemon09:00:00 - 09:29:00Animation29 minute(s)
64Mickey Mouse Shorts09:29:00 - 09:32:00Animation3 minute(s)
65Doraemon09:32:00 - 10:03:00Animation31 minute(s)
66Doraemon10:03:00 - 10:23:00Animation20 minute(s)
67Doraemon10:23:00 - 10:58:00Animation35 minute(s)
68Milo Murphy's Law10:58:00 - 11:26:00Animation28 minute(s)
69Star vs The Forces Of Evil11:26:00 - 11:55:00Animation29 minute(s)
70Wander Over Yonder11:55:00 - 12:16:00Animation21 minute(s)