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ETV Andhra Pradesh Today's TV Schedule

Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
1Ghantaravam12:00:00 - 12:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
2Telugu Velugu12:30:00 - 01:00:00History30 minute(s)
3Ghantaravam01:00:00 - 01:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
4Teertha Yatra01:30:00 - 02:00:00Religious30 minute(s)
5Ghantaravam02:00:00 - 02:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
6Sukhibhava02:30:00 - 03:00:00Health and Wellbeing30 minute(s)
7Ghantaravam03:00:00 - 03:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
8ETV Talkies03:30:00 - 04:00:00Showbiz30 minute(s)
9Ghantaravam04:00:00 - 04:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
10Sakhi04:30:00 - 05:00:00Chat Show30 minute(s)
11Ghantaravam05:00:00 - 05:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
12Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya05:30:00 - 06:00:00Religious30 minute(s)
13Ghantaravam06:00:00 - 06:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
14Prarthana Samayam06:30:00 - 07:00:00Religious30 minute(s)
15Antaryami07:00:00 - 07:30:00Religious30 minute(s)
16ETV 36007:30:00 - 08:00:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
17ETV 36008:00:00 - 08:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
18Yuva08:30:00 - 09:00:00Chat Show30 minute(s)
19Ghantaravam09:00:00 - 09:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
20Sukhibhava09:30:00 - 10:00:00Health and Wellbeing30 minute(s)
21Ghantaravam10:00:00 - 10:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
22ETV Talkies10:30:00 - 11:00:00Showbiz30 minute(s)
23Ghantaravam11:00:00 - 11:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
24Commercial Slot11:30:00 - 12:00:00Consumer30 minute(s)
25Ghantaravam12:00:00 - 12:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
26Commercial Slot12:30:00 - 01:00:00Consumer30 minute(s)
27ETV 36001:00:00 - 01:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
28ETV 36001:30:00 - 02:00:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
29Sakhi02:00:00 - 02:30:00Chat Show30 minute(s)
30Ghantaravam02:30:00 - 02:35:00News Bulletin5 minute(s)
31Sakhi02:35:00 - 03:00:00Chat Show25 minute(s)
32Ghantaravam03:00:00 - 03:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
33Sukhibhava03:30:00 - 04:00:00Health and Wellbeing30 minute(s)
34Ghantaravam04:00:00 - 04:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
35Teertha Yatra04:30:00 - 05:00:00Religious30 minute(s)
36Ghantaravam05:00:00 - 05:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
37Commercial Slot05:30:00 - 06:00:00Consumer30 minute(s)
38Ghantaravam06:00:00 - 06:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
39Jai Kisan06:30:00 - 07:00:00Agriculture/Rural30 minute(s)
40Ghantaravam07:00:00 - 07:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
41Idi Sangathi07:30:00 - 08:00:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
42ETV 36008:00:00 - 08:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
43ETV 36008:30:00 - 09:00:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
44Pratidhwani09:00:00 - 09:30:00Chat Show30 minute(s)
45Yuva09:30:00 - 10:00:00Chat Show30 minute(s)
46Ghantaravam10:00:00 - 10:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
47BBC Prapancham10:30:00 - 11:00:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
48Ghantaravam11:00:00 - 11:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
49Commercial Slot11:30:00 - 12:00:00Consumer30 minute(s)