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France 24 Today's TV Schedule

Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
1News12:00:00 - 12:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
2Headlines12:15:00 - 12:16:00Headlines1 minute(s)
3Media Watch12:16:00 - 12:21:00Special Report5 minute(s)
4Focus12:21:00 - 12:30:00News Bulletin9 minute(s)
5News12:30:00 - 12:47:00News Bulletin17 minute(s)
6Headlines12:47:00 - 12:48:00Headlines1 minute(s)
7Business12:48:00 - 01:00:00News12 minute(s)
8News01:00:00 - 01:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
9Headlines01:15:00 - 01:16:00Headlines1 minute(s)
10Eye On Africa01:16:00 - 01:30:00News Bulletin14 minute(s)
11News01:30:00 - 01:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
12Headlines01:45:00 - 01:46:00Headlines1 minute(s)
13Business01:46:00 - 01:51:00News5 minute(s)
14Media Watch01:51:00 - 02:00:00Special Report9 minute(s)
15News02:00:00 - 02:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
16Headlines02:15:00 - 02:16:00Headlines1 minute(s)
17Eye On Africa02:16:00 - 02:30:00News Bulletin14 minute(s)
18News02:30:00 - 02:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
19Headlines02:45:00 - 02:47:00Headlines2 minute(s)
20Business / Mediawatch02:47:00 - 03:00:00News13 minute(s)
21News03:00:00 - 03:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
22Headlines03:15:00 - 03:16:00Headlines1 minute(s)
23Sports03:16:00 - 03:21:00News5 minute(s)
24Focus03:21:00 - 03:30:00News Bulletin9 minute(s)
25News03:30:00 - 03:41:00News Bulletin11 minute(s)
26The Debate03:41:00 - 04:00:00Talk Show19 minute(s)
27Headlines04:00:00 - 04:02:00Headlines2 minute(s)
28The Debate04:02:00 - 04:30:00Talk Show28 minute(s)
29News04:30:00 - 04:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
30Focus04:45:00 - 04:50:00News Bulletin5 minute(s)
31Sports04:50:00 - 05:00:00News10 minute(s)
32News05:00:00 - 05:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
33Encore05:15:00 - 05:30:00Art/Culture15 minute(s)
34News05:30:00 - 05:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
35Middle East Matters05:45:00 - 06:00:00Special Report15 minute(s)
36News06:00:00 - 06:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
37Eye On Africa06:15:00 - 06:30:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
38News06:30:00 - 06:41:00News Bulletin11 minute(s)
39The Debate06:41:00 - 07:00:00Talk Show19 minute(s)
40Headlines07:00:00 - 07:02:00Headlines2 minute(s)
41The Debate07:02:00 - 07:30:00Talk Show28 minute(s)
42News07:30:00 - 07:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
43Reporters Plus07:45:00 - 08:13:00News Bulletin28 minute(s)
44Middle East Matters08:13:00 - 08:30:00Special Report17 minute(s)
45News08:30:00 - 08:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
46Eye On Africa08:45:00 - 09:00:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
47News09:00:00 - 09:16:00News Bulletin16 minute(s)
48Encore09:16:00 - 09:30:00Art/Culture14 minute(s)
49News09:30:00 - 09:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
50Headlines09:45:00 - 09:46:00Headlines1 minute(s)
51Business09:46:00 - 09:51:00News5 minute(s)
52In The Press09:51:00 - 09:53:00Talk Show2 minute(s)
53Focus09:53:00 - 10:00:00News Bulletin7 minute(s)
54News10:00:00 - 10:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
55Headlines10:15:00 - 10:16:00Headlines1 minute(s)
56Focus10:16:00 - 10:21:00News Bulletin5 minute(s)
57Sports10:21:00 - 10:30:00News9 minute(s)
58News10:30:00 - 10:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
59Headlines10:45:00 - 10:46:00Headlines1 minute(s)
60Business10:46:00 - 10:51:00News5 minute(s)
61In The Press10:51:00 - 11:00:00Talk Show9 minute(s)
62News11:00:00 - 11:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
63Headlines11:15:00 - 11:16:00Headlines1 minute(s)
64Focus11:16:00 - 11:21:00News Bulletin5 minute(s)
65Sports11:21:00 - 11:30:00News9 minute(s)
66News11:30:00 - 11:46:00News Bulletin16 minute(s)
67Headlines11:46:00 - 11:47:00Headlines1 minute(s)
68Business11:47:00 - 11:52:00News5 minute(s)
69Global Grid11:52:00 - 12:00:00Talk Show8 minute(s)
70News12:00:00 - 12:16:00News Bulletin16 minute(s)
71Focus12:16:00 - 12:21:00News Bulletin5 minute(s)
72Sports12:21:00 - 12:30:00News9 minute(s)
73News12:30:00 - 12:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
74Headlines12:45:00 - 12:46:00Headlines1 minute(s)
75Business12:46:00 - 12:51:00News5 minute(s)
76In The Press12:51:00 - 01:00:00Talk Show9 minute(s)
77News01:00:00 - 01:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
78Headlines01:15:00 - 01:16:00Headlines1 minute(s)
79Focus01:16:00 - 01:21:00News Bulletin5 minute(s)
80Sports01:21:00 - 01:30:00News9 minute(s)
81News01:30:00 - 01:46:00News Bulletin16 minute(s)
82Tech 2401:46:00 - 02:00:00Technology14 minute(s)
83News02:00:00 - 02:16:00News Bulletin16 minute(s)
84Sports02:16:00 - 02:21:00News5 minute(s)
85You Are Here02:21:00 - 02:30:00Art/Culture9 minute(s)
86News02:30:00 - 02:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
87Middle East Matters02:45:00 - 03:00:00Special Report15 minute(s)
88News03:00:00 - 03:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
89The Observers03:15:00 - 03:21:00Special Report6 minute(s)
90Down To Earth03:21:00 - 03:30:00News Bulletin9 minute(s)
91News03:30:00 - 03:46:00News Bulletin16 minute(s)
92Encore03:46:00 - 04:00:00Art/Culture14 minute(s)
93News04:00:00 - 04:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
94France In Focus04:15:00 - 04:30:00Special Report15 minute(s)
95News04:30:00 - 04:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
96Headlines04:45:00 - 04:46:00Headlines1 minute(s)
97Business04:46:00 - 04:51:00News5 minute(s)
98In The Press04:51:00 - 05:00:00Talk Show9 minute(s)
99News05:00:00 - 05:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
100Headlines05:15:00 - 05:16:00Headlines1 minute(s)
101News05:16:00 - 05:21:00News Bulletin5 minute(s)
102Sports05:21:00 - 05:30:00News9 minute(s)
103News05:30:00 - 05:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
104Headlines05:45:00 - 05:46:00Headlines1 minute(s)
105Culture Critics05:46:00 - 05:51:00Art/Culture5 minute(s)
106Sports05:51:00 - 06:00:00News9 minute(s)
107News06:00:00 - 06:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
108Headlines06:15:00 - 06:16:00Headlines1 minute(s)
109Focus06:16:00 - 06:21:00News Bulletin5 minute(s)
110News06:21:00 - 06:30:00News Bulletin9 minute(s)
111News06:30:00 - 06:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
112Tech 2406:45:00 - 07:00:00Technology15 minute(s)
113News07:00:00 - 07:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
114France In Focus07:15:00 - 07:30:00Special Report15 minute(s)
115News07:30:00 - 07:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
116Middle East Matters07:45:00 - 08:00:00Special Report15 minute(s)
117News08:00:00 - 08:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
118The Interview08:15:00 - 08:30:00Chat Show15 minute(s)
119News08:30:00 - 08:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
120Encore08:45:00 - 09:00:00Art/Culture15 minute(s)
121News09:00:00 - 09:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
122Inside The Americas09:15:00 - 09:30:00Special Report15 minute(s)
123News09:30:00 - 09:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
124Headlines09:45:00 - 09:46:00Headlines1 minute(s)
125Top Story09:46:00 - 10:00:00News Bulletin14 minute(s)
126News10:00:00 - 10:15:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
127Headlines10:15:00 - 10:16:00Headlines1 minute(s)
128Business10:16:00 - 10:21:00News5 minute(s)
129Sports10:21:00 - 10:30:00News9 minute(s)
130News10:30:00 - 10:40:00News Bulletin10 minute(s)
131The Debate10:40:00 - 11:00:00Talk Show20 minute(s)
132Headlines11:00:00 - 11:02:00Headlines2 minute(s)
133The Debate11:02:00 - 11:30:00Talk Show28 minute(s)
134News11:30:00 - 11:45:00News Bulletin15 minute(s)
135Headlines11:45:00 - 11:46:00Headlines1 minute(s)
136Business11:46:00 - 11:51:00News5 minute(s)
137Sports11:51:00 - 12:00:00News9 minute(s)