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Moon TV Today's TV Schedule

Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
1Ayul Shakthi11:30:00 - 12:30:00Magazine Programme60 minute(s)
2Music Masala12:30:00 - 01:00:00Film Music30 minute(s)
3Music Masala01:00:00 - 01:30:00Film Music30 minute(s)
4Music Masala01:30:00 - 02:00:00Film Music30 minute(s)
5Music Masala02:00:00 - 02:30:00Film Music30 minute(s)
6M Tune02:30:00 - 03:00:00Film Music30 minute(s)
7Moon News03:00:00 - 03:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
8Annalarin Amutha Mozhigal03:30:00 - 04:00:00Religious30 minute(s)
9Iraivanin Thiruperyaral04:00:00 - 05:00:00Religious60 minute(s)
10Deen Oli05:00:00 - 05:30:00Religious30 minute(s)
11Shariyath05:30:00 - 06:00:00Religious30 minute(s)
12Deen Oli06:00:00 - 06:30:00Religious30 minute(s)
13Kee Pee 57006:30:00 - 07:00:00Religious30 minute(s)
14Happy Hour07:00:00 - 07:30:00Film Music30 minute(s)
15Moon News07:30:00 - 08:00:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
16Best Wishes live08:00:00 - 09:00:00Interactive60 minute(s)
17Pesunga Ji09:00:00 - 10:00:00Entertainment60 minute(s)
18Moon News10:00:00 - 10:03:00News Bulletin3 minute(s)
19Arasiyal Pesuvom10:03:00 - 10:25:00Chat Show22 minute(s)
20Cinema News10:25:00 - 10:30:00Entertainment5 minute(s)
21Dr.Wajid Basha10:30:00 - 11:00:00Health and Wellbeing30 minute(s)
22Moon News11:00:00 - 11:03:00News Bulletin3 minute(s)
23Best Shopping Hot Shapers11:03:00 - 11:30:00Consumer27 minute(s)
24Best Shopping Rupa Saree11:30:00 - 12:00:00Consumer30 minute(s)
25Moon News12:00:00 - 12:03:00News Bulletin3 minute(s)
26M Tune12:03:00 - 12:30:00Film Music27 minute(s)
27Best Shopping Roti Maker12:30:00 - 01:00:00Consumer30 minute(s)
28Moon News01:00:00 - 01:03:00News Bulletin3 minute(s)
29X Up01:03:00 - 01:30:00Consumer27 minute(s)
30Best Shopping Gas Safety Device01:30:00 - 02:00:00Consumer30 minute(s)
31Moon News02:00:00 - 02:03:00News Bulletin3 minute(s)
32X Up02:03:00 - 02:30:00Consumer27 minute(s)
33Best Shopping Air Sofa02:30:00 - 03:00:00Consumer30 minute(s)
34Moon News03:00:00 - 03:03:00News Bulletin3 minute(s)
35Love And Love Only03:03:00 - 03:30:00Film Music27 minute(s)
36Love And Love Only03:30:00 - 04:00:00Film Music30 minute(s)
37Moon News04:00:00 - 04:03:00News Bulletin3 minute(s)
38VIP Hair Colour Shampoo04:03:00 - 04:30:00Health and Wellbeing27 minute(s)
39Cini Times04:30:00 - 05:00:00Entertainment30 minute(s)
40Tower Fan05:00:00 - 05:30:00Consumer30 minute(s)
41Trending 1005:30:00 - 06:00:00Entertainment30 minute(s)
42Moon News06:00:00 - 06:05:00News Bulletin5 minute(s)
43M Tune06:05:00 - 07:00:00Film Music55 minute(s)
44Moon News Live07:00:00 - 07:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
45Wood News07:30:00 - 08:00:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
46Love And Love Only08:00:00 - 08:30:00Film Music30 minute(s)
47Love And Love Only08:30:00 - 09:00:00Film Music30 minute(s)
48Cini Times09:00:00 - 09:30:00Entertainment30 minute(s)
49M Tune09:30:00 - 10:00:00Film Music30 minute(s)
50Moon News10:00:00 - 10:30:00News Bulletin30 minute(s)
51Happy Hour10:30:00 - 11:00:00Film Music30 minute(s)
52Zinga Gold11:00:00 - 11:30:00Consumer30 minute(s)
53Ayul Shakthi11:30:00 - 12:30:00Magazine Programme60 minute(s)