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SONY SIX Today's TV Schedule

Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
1South Africa vs India 2018 Test HLs12:00:00 - 02:00:00Cricket120 minute(s)
2England vs Pakistan 2016 Test HLs02:00:00 - 04:00:00Cricket120 minute(s)
3South Africa vs India 2018 T20 HLs04:00:00 - 05:00:00Cricket60 minute(s)
4Immortals05:00:00 - 05:30:00Special Feature30 minute(s)
5NBA HLs05:30:00 - 06:00:00Basketball30 minute(s)
6NBA Playoffs 2017/18 Live06:00:00 - 08:30:00Basketball150 minute(s)
7Around The Hoop Post Show08:30:00 - 09:30:00Talk Show60 minute(s)
8Immortals09:30:00 - 10:00:00Special Feature30 minute(s)
9England vs Pakistan 2018 Test HLs10:00:00 - 11:00:00Cricket60 minute(s)
10Royal London 2014 ODI HLs11:00:00 - 12:00:00Cricket60 minute(s)
11England vs Pakistan 2018 Test HLs12:00:00 - 01:00:00Cricket60 minute(s)
12The Road To Russia01:00:00 - 01:30:00Special Feature30 minute(s)
13The Road To Russia01:30:00 - 02:00:00Special Feature30 minute(s)
14Immortals02:00:00 - 02:30:00Special Feature30 minute(s)
15England vs Pakistan 2018 Test HLs02:30:00 - 03:30:00Cricket60 minute(s)
16Pakistan Tour of England 2018 Test Live03:30:00 - 10:30:00Cricket420 minute(s)
17ESPN Cricinfo Turn & Bounce10:30:00 - 11:00:00Talk Show30 minute(s)
18The Road To Russia11:00:00 - 11:30:00Special Feature30 minute(s)
19NBA HLs11:30:00 - 12:00:00Basketball30 minute(s)