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Zee Studio HD Today's TV Schedule

Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
Programme Number Programme Show timing Genre Duration Proramme details
1Just For Laughs11:45:00 - 12:05:00Comedy20 minute(s)
2Studio In-Depth12:05:00 - 12:09:00Entertainment4 minute(s)
3The Tiger Mask12:09:00 - 01:36:00Action87 minute(s)
4Studio In-Depth01:36:00 - 01:41:00Entertainment5 minute(s)
5The Treasure Hunter01:41:00 - 03:19:00Action98 minute(s)
6Studio In-Depth03:19:00 - 03:23:00Entertainment4 minute(s)
7Jackie Chan: Kung Fu Master03:23:00 - 04:48:00Action85 minute(s)
8The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water04:48:00 - 06:17:00Animation89 minute(s)
9Studio In-Depth06:17:00 - 06:22:00Entertainment5 minute(s)
10Million Dollar Crocodile06:22:00 - 08:05:00Horror103 minute(s)
11She's Funny That Way08:05:00 - 09:59:00Comedy114 minute(s)
12Last Passenger09:59:00 - 11:57:00Action118 minute(s)
13Studio In-Depth11:57:00 - 12:00:00Entertainment3 minute(s)
14Knock Knock12:00:00 - 01:44:00Horror104 minute(s)
15Studio In-Depth01:44:00 - 01:50:00Entertainment6 minute(s)
16The Final Warrior Ong Bak 301:50:00 - 03:25:00Action95 minute(s)
17Studio In-Depth03:25:00 - 03:32:00Entertainment7 minute(s)
18Undisputed03:32:00 - 05:17:00Drama105 minute(s)
19Studio In-Depth05:17:00 - 05:25:00Entertainment8 minute(s)
20Norm of the North05:25:00 - 07:10:00Animation105 minute(s)
21Studio In-Depth07:10:00 - 07:14:00Entertainment4 minute(s)
22Wild Card07:14:00 - 08:55:00Action101 minute(s)
23Studio In-Depth08:55:00 - 09:00:00Entertainment5 minute(s)
24Knock Knock09:00:00 - 10:47:00Horror107 minute(s)
25Studio In-Depth10:47:00 - 10:50:00Entertainment3 minute(s)
26Prom Night10:50:00 - 12:31:00Thriller101 minute(s)