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DD Dehradun Today's TV Schedule

Programme Number Programme Show start Show ends Description
1National Programme11:00:00 PM01:00:00 AMMagazine programme.
2National Programme01:00:00 AM02:00:00 AMMagazine programme.
3National Programme02:00:00 AM03:00:00 AMMagazine programme.
4National Programme03:00:00 AM04:00:00 AMMagazine programme.
5National Programme04:00:00 AM05:00:00 AMMagazine programme.
6National Programme05:00:00 AM06:00:00 AMMagazine programme.
7National Programme06:00:00 AM07:00:00 AMMagazine programme.
8National Programme07:00:00 AM08:00:00 AMMagazine programme.
9National Programme08:00:00 AM09:00:00 AMMagazine programme.
10National Programme09:00:00 AM10:00:00 AMMagazine programme.
11National Programme10:00:00 AM11:00:00 AMMagazine programme.
12National Programme11:00:00 AM12:00:00 PMMagazine programme.
13National Programme12:00:00 PM01:00:00 PMMagazine programme.
14National Programme01:00:00 PM02:00:00 PMMagazine programme.
15National Programme02:00:00 PM03:00:00 PMMagazine programme.
16National Programme03:00:00 PM04:00:00 PMMagazine programme.
17National Programme04:00:00 PM05:00:00 PMMagazine programme.
18Umeed05:00:00 PM05:30:00 PMA look at the efforts made by the Indian governmen...
19Filmo Ki Baatein / Sponsored05:30:00 PM06:00:00 PMTake a look at the latest updates and gossip from ...
20Krishi Darshan06:00:00 PM06:30:00 PMThe host presents success stories of various farme...
21Swastha Bharat06:30:00 PM07:00:00 PMA panel of experts provide tips and remedies to th...
22National Programme07:00:00 PM08:00:00 PMMagazine programme.
23National Programme08:00:00 PM09:00:00 PMMagazine programme.
24National Programme09:00:00 PM10:00:00 PMMagazine programme.
25National Programme10:00:00 PM11:00:00 PMMagazine programme.
26National Programme11:00:00 PM01:00:00 AMMagazine programme.